Ernestine Lee Henning

Widowed Supervisor - Biography


Ernestine Lee HenningSupervisor Ernestine Lee Henning completed her high school and undergraduate studies in Memphis, Tennessee at Manassas High School and Lemoyne-Owen College and also attended Theater Institute at Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts. She did graduate studies at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. She has a long history of commitment to not only her personal education but also to the education of thousands of youth as an English teacher in the high schools of Lawrence, Kansas, St. Louis, Missouri and Los Angeles, California and at Kansas University.

Supervisor Henning is also respected as a fierce opponent of social injustice and is recognized at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee and by the NAACP for her role in the desegregation of the Memphis Libraries and other public facilities. She has traveled worldwide providing basic needs such as clean water to Africa, and is chairman of the board for Water for Children Africa. She has demonstrated and marched for many causes which she believes in and has been effective as a soldier for human rights, women's rights and racial equality.

Supervisor Ernestine Henning is passionate about her involvement and has a spirit of boldness in addressing issues of injustice in all forms. She also works to improve the economy of the Black community, as founder of The Richard Allen Foundation. She is the founder of Black child adoptions programs, and strongly supports Historical Black Colleges/Universities as the initiator of Black college expos in several cities.

Major Projects in the Third Episcopal District have been:

  • Missions to West Africa for clean water installations, medical and school supplies
  • Black College Expo
  • Great Books & Great Authors: Fair and Forum
  • Emancipated Foster Youth Support Program
  • Recruitment Program for Wilberforce University


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