Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant

Retired Supervisor - Biography


Rev. Dr. Cecelia Williams Bryant"Rev. C" is a Spiritual Director, Missionary and Women's Empowerment Leader with a Global Vision. She has responded to the Jeremiah Mandate for “the healing of the nations."

Her visionary Leadership has heightened the awareness and response of the African and Diasporic church to Health, Ecological wellness, development, cultural and peace issues. "Rev. C" is founder of the A.M.E. Church in the Ivory Coast and co-founder with her husband, Senior Bishop John Richard Bryant, of the A.M.E. Church in India.

"Rev. C's" devotion to the uplift of women covers a field that includes New England, Maryland, Texas, the U.S. West Coast, the Caribbean and South America, West, Central and Southern Africa, Western Europe, Asia, Australia, Bermuda and Canada.

She has been an advocate and teacher of Prevailing Prayer. A "worldly" mystic who seeks to incarnate the Beatitudes. "Rev. C's" heart has been broken for the poor and suffering. She is an author, an intercessor and a lover of children worldwide. She is founder of primary schools in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Dallas, Texas, Grand Bassa, Liberia and an orphanage in Mohotlong Lesotho. An Early Childhood Development Center in Seattle Washington has been named in her honor.

With undeniable faith in the Healing Power of God, "Rev. C" has mobilized health professionals (over 200) to serve in Haiti, the Ivory Coast, Zambia and the Kingdom of Lesotho. She has also equipped and mentored Youth for Missions in Alaska, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic.

Her entire house is in service to the uplift of the Kingdom of God. Her husband of over 40 years, Rt. Rev. John R. Bryant was the Senior Bishop of the A.M.E. Church. Their son, Dr. Jamal H. Bryant was the founder and pastor of Empowerment Temple A.M.E. Church, Baltimore Maryland. Dr. Thema Bryant Davis Ph.D., the youngest child, is a Psychologist and minister to women and liturgical dancer.


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