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Dr. Patricia (Pam) DeVeauxDr. Patricia (Pam) DeVeaux is the spouse of Bishop William Phillips DeVeaux. They served in the Sixth Episcopal District, State of Georgia, also the Second Episcopal, Sixteen Episcopal and the Eighteen Episcopal Districts. Upon his election, she joined him in serving in Southern Africa.

During their first assignment with God’s help, she established two day care centers, provided scholarships to four students for study in American, convened an international HIV/AIDS conference, built a high school media center, funded construction of a water tower that supplies clean water to 1100 Swaziland students, conducted health fairs, developed Lesotho candle and doll economic projects, hosted five sojourners and constructed the M. Joan Cousin Women Empowerment Center.

In 2000 her work companioned that of her husbands in his assignment to the 16th Episcopal District, including the Caribbean, parts of South America and Europe. She led the Edith Ming Health Fairs, HIV/AIDS youth retreats, Haitian potholder economic project, Barbados health Fair, Dominican Republic English speaking school, community youth basketball court, marriage retreats, provided Black dolls to orphanages in Haiti, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, hosted two missionary sojourners and convened “When Women Worship” Conferences.

Dr. DeVeaux is a graduate of Howard University, Peabody College and Vanderbilt University. She has worked as a high librarian, medical librarian, university adjunct professor, college administrator and senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy.

Dr. Pam has been blessed by her six children and twelve grandchildren.


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