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Carol Isabella Messiah


Serving Zambia, Zambezi, Congo Brazzaville, Katanga, Kananga, Kinshasa, Mbuji-mayi, Rwanda and Burundi


Carol Isabella MessiahAs an Episcopal Supervisor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church and specifically as the Episcopal Supervisor of the 18th Episcopal District, and having lived and served on the Continent of Africa for the last fifteen years, MISSION has taken on a new meaning for me. To be given the opportunity to serve and the ability to see the needs of others, is a gift that only God through Jesus Christ can give. The AME Church in Southern Africa has been in existence for over One Hundred and Twelve Years. As the 18th Episcopal District, you have come through several seasons of joy and frustration. As your Episcopal Parent and Supervisor of Missions and Ministry, I would like for us to take this journey together and in so doing, take the AME to a new level in Christ and MISSION.

MISSION for me means:

M - My
I - Individual
S - Sacrifice of
S - Service and
I - Inspiration to others
O - Obedience to God, which is
N - Never-ending

My vision is that we will:

  • Make a significant impact on MISSION in the AME Church
  • Expand our Vision of Mission Outreach through the Sojourner Program of the WMS/YPD
  • Become better Stewards of our Financial Planning and Fiscal Responsibilities
  • Take seriously the responsibility of carrying out the Constitution and By-Laws of the WMS/YPD
  • Improve the lives of the Communities where we are privileged to SERVE

Episcopal Supervisor Carol Isabella 'Mmabatho' Messiah is the wife of the Rt. Rev. Wilfred Jacobus Messiah, Presiding Prelate 18th Episcopal District, the proud mother of three sons – William (Lisa), Justin and Silvester, grandmother of two – William III, and Malia-Gabrielle.

Together, they served several churches throughout the Third Episcopal District which covers Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, for over twenty years. In 1997, they were called to return to the Republic of South Africa where they were privileged to serve in the 19th Episcopal District under the leadership of the Rt. Rev. Cornal Garnett Henning and the Rt. Rev. Adam Jefferson Richardson Jr. They served congregations at Mokone Memorial AME Church Zone 6, Pimville, Soweto; Maxeke Memorial AME Church, Kliptown, Soweto while then Rev. Wilfred J. Messiah served as the first President of The Richard Robert Wright Theological Seminary, Evaton, RSA. As co-founder of the Mokone Outreach Ministries (M.O.M) which included an HIV/AIDS ministry serving seventy-two persons, programs for young people that included reading and character-building life-skills, were developed. She served on several Social and Civic Organizations including the Guateng Province Department of Health Strategic Planning Commission to assist in finding solutions to the devastating pandemic of HIV/AIDS. She was instrumental in training, certifying and equipping thirteen women and youth from that Local Congregation in HIV/AIDS Home-based Care, Counseling and Testing.

As the former Episcopal Supervisor of the 20th Episcopal District, (2004 – 2008) and the 15th Episcopal District, (2008 – 2011) she now serves as the Episcopal Supervisor of the 18th Episcopal District, which covers the Countries of Lesotho, Botswana, Swaziland and Mozambique. Having traveled extensively through Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Namibia, Angola and South Africa, the issues of Women’s Health and Education, Child Abuse, HIV/AIDS, Poverty Alleviation and Drug and Alcohol Abuse remains the key areas where she feels that she can ‘be the difference that makes a difference.’ She supervised and was instrumental in the process of educating sixty-five plus young women and Pastors spouses, from elementary to University level in the countries of Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda. Several students and schools throughout the 15th Episcopal District has been beneficiaries through scholarships and now she has begun the work of traveling through the countries of (Lesotho, Mozambique, Swaziland and Botswana) that she and Bishop Messiah have been recently assigned to. Supervisor Messiah has contributed over R250,000.00 in Educational Scholarships and other Programs and Projects for Ministers Spouses and Young People over the last seven years.

The 18th Episcopal District in its unique position on the Continent, has two Countries (Lesotho and Swaziland) situated within the borders of South Africa. These two countries along with Botswana have received significant help from the Women’s Missionary Society and Young People’s & Children’s Division of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, several Episcopal Districts, Organizations such as the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and The Link, Inc. USA to name a few. They have developed and supported homes for Orphans in Botswana (Joan M. Cousins HIV/AIDS & Women’s Center, Lobatse with Programs that deal specifically with HIV/AIDS), Swaziland (SelulasandlaVashti Orphanage, Mbabane) and in Lesotho, twenty-two Elementary/Primary Schools with four Early Childhood Development Centers attached to these schools and five High Schools/Senior Secondary Schools. However, on her recent travel to Mozambique, the Episcopal Supervisor has discovered that the focus must now be placed on the Country of Mozambique. A visit to Beira, showed the neglect of the people in regard to economic development and educational opportunities and therefore, has recommitted herself to the Education of Women and Girls. To foster sustainable Growth and Development in the 18th Episcopal District and on the Continent of Africa, all of the Millennium Development Goals has become her MISSION-VISION, along with her continued effort to Empower WOMEN - A Nation cannot be free unless Women are truly free. The following ideas are key to beginning the real process of sustainable and measurable Growth and Development in the 18th Episcopal District, and for the Liberation of members of the AME Church and the Communities where we serve. I thank God for this opportunity that He has given me to serve His people in this present age.

  • Early Childhood Development Centers
  • Eradication of Teenage Pregnancy
  • Renewed focus on HIV/AIDS
  • Poverty Alleviation
  • GO GREEN Project
  • Solar Energy
  • Recycling Plants
  • Classrooms/Computers/Desks/Chairs for Students
  • Clinics
  • Clean Water
  • Agricultural Projects


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