Food Bank


The mission of the Episcopal Supervisors Council is to arrange for fellowship and sharing. The fellowship enables relationship building and mutual support with and for each other. The sharing will help us learn from each other and improve how and what we do as supervisors. Learn more about our work in the community:



4th Episcopal District

District A5 Photo

A kitchen built by the 4th District WMS in Illinois; supplies were also purchased.

District A4 Photo

The India Conference Missionaries on the move

District A3 Photo

Michigan Conference working outside




5th Episcopal District

District A2 Photo

Mission Madness

District A1 Photo

Baby Items for Homeless Moms

District A6 Photo

Books for Young Readers




7th Episcopal District

District A7 Photo

Myrtle Beach Food Bank




10th Episcopal District

District A20 Photo


District A21 Photo


District A8 Photo





11th Episcopal District

District B1 Photo

Missionaries in the Bahamas

District B2 Photo

Missionaries in the Bahamas

District B20 Photo

Missionaries in the Bahamas




15th Episcopal District

District B21 Photo

Young people queuing for boxes of joy & families receiving food parcels

District B3 Photo


District B4 Photo





17th Episcopal District

District B5 Photo

Mission work in Lukulu, Zambia

District B6 Photo

Mission work in Lukulu, Zambia


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