Please find below a comprehensive list of our various districts:

1st    Rev. Dr. Jessica Kendell Ingram

2nd   Arelis Antonia Beevers Davis

3rd    Marlaa H. Reid

4th    Penny H. White

5th    Alexia Butler Fugh

6th    Christy Davis Jackson, Esq.

7th    Phyllis N. Green

8th    Joan Marla McAllister

9th    Rev. Sherita Moon Seawright

10th  Stan McKenzie

11th  Connie S. Richardson

12th  Cordelia Mitchell

13th  Susan Jones Leath, M.D.

14th  Patricia Russell-McCloud, Esq.

15th  Irene M. Daniels

16th  Ainsley Mark Byfield

17th  Carol Isabella Messiah

18th  Constance Belin Wicker

19th  Patricia Russell-McCloud, Esq.

20th  Rev. Carolyn Brailsford


Ecumenical & Urban Affairs: Supervisor Marlaa H. Reid


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