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Irene M. Daniels


Serving Angola, Cape Town, Eastern Cape, Kalahari, Namibia, and Queenstown


Irene M. DanielsIn July 2012, the African Methodist Episcopal Church assigned Bishop David Rwhynica Daniels, Jr. to the 15th Episcopal District, comprising of Angola, Namibia and parts of South Africa, covering Cape Town, Boland, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Kalahari to Queenstown. Mrs. Irene Moifoi Daniels as Supervisor moved swiftly to organize the Women Missionaries Society serving the needs of those less privileged people in all the communities where the churches exist.

The 15th Episcopal District WMS face issues ranging from child hunger, child abuse, sexual abuse and women abuse in the communities. She and her WMS women are at the frontline in fighting for the rights of women and the protection of our children from any and all abuses. They have taken on health education and training of leaders at their LTI (Leaders Training Institute) annual meeting yearly. They collect and supply school uniforms and school materials for students throughout the 15th Episcopal District.

Mrs. Daniels' work with the Young People's Department to create educational opportunities for underprivileged young people in our churches and communities through scholarships.

Mrs. Daniels identified a very gifted young lady in the Eastern Cape Annual Conference and encouraged her husband to aid her in finding a scholarship.

This gifted young lady attended Allen University in Columbia, South Carolina for the past four years. She graduated on May 11, 2019 with Summa Cum Laude, reaffirming the fact that all she needed was just an opportunity.

Mrs. Irene Moifoi Daniels, became the Episcopal Supervisor of the 14th Episcopal District as a result of the July 5, 2004 history making event in the life of the AME Church when Bishop David Rwhynica Daniels, Jr., was elected the 124th Bishop of the AMEC. The Church took an unprecedented turn as the two West African-born, one as Bishop, the other as Episcopal Supervisor became the church’s first Episcopal Team from West Africa. The 14th Episcopal District includes Liberia, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d'Ivoire, Togo and Benin. Mrs. Daniels served as the Supervisor of Missions, Young People’s Department and Clergy Spouses from 2004-2012.

Mrs. Daniels has served the African Methodist Episcopal Church faithfully and actively through the YPD, the Women’s Missionary Society (WMS), and the Ministers Spouses and Windows Alliance of the Liberia Annual Conference (M-SWAWO). She also served as a Conference Officer for the M-SWAWO in the 7th Episcopal District.

While serving in these various capacities, Mrs. Daniels uses "inclusion" rather than "exclusion" as her stance. This resulted in a participatory process, where missionary goals and objectives were easily met. Missionary women took the lead in entrepreneurship for economic development in Ghana and Sierra Leone. Some 45,000 umbrellas donated by Feed the Children were given to children and young people for the rainy days during the monsoon season.

Mrs. Daniels is known as an encourager who motivates people to maximize their God-given potential by prioritizing their education. Increasing access to education is always number one on her agenda wherever she has found herself in service. This led her to organize and manage an after-school tutorial program in 1988 for elementary and high school students; which became a year-round tutorial program. This program allowed young boys and girls the opportunity to have somewhere safe to be after-school which also doubled as a learning environment.

The same zeal has led her to encourage minister spouses in the 14th District from 2004-2012 to develop themselves in the field of education. She is proud to say that through her efforts, scholarships were provided to more than 15 minister spouses for their GED, undergraduate and two (2) went on to get their graduate degrees. Also through her initiative, the YPD'ers in the Liberia and the Central Liberia Annual Conferences were given the opportunity to develop themselves through a work-study program at AME University.

Mrs. Daniels envisioned and saw the need for a school for girls who were affected by the 15 years of war in Liberia. Through aggressive fund-raising, led by her and her husband, Bishop David R. Daniels, Jr., the school, Daniels-Adams School of Excellence, opened in 2009 with 14 buildings. Due to the critical need for school in that area; the school became a co-ed program, PreK – 12th grade.

Not wanting to kill her vision for an environment for girls to be healed emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually; they broke ground for a 100-room dormitory took place on January 25, 2011. Her vision was to provide a safe home away from home for less fortunate and war-affected young ladies.

She is the co-founder with Bishop Daniels of F.M. Reid Christian School. It was named in honor of Bishop Frank Madison Reid, Jr. who was Presiding Prelate of the 14th Episcopal District from 1972-76. In November 2009, a new two-story F. M. Reid, Jr. school building was built by Eliza Turner AMEC.

When Bishop Daniels wanted to give back to the tiny village where he was born, to honor his father and his mother, Mrs. Daniels co-founded the Topoe Town School of Excellence with him. This time the vision resulted in a campus designed for pre-Kindergarten to 12th Grade.

Partnering with AMEC Missionaries in the United States, the Missionary Society has been successful in delivering clothes, toys, books, and other items children in the communities of Montserrado County, Rivercess County and also in Ghana.

Mrs. Daniels’ educational background prepared her well to deal with the educational and economic development strategies that were accomplished. She has a BS Degree in Accounting from the University of Liberia, and a Master of Science Degree in Management from the Southern Wesleyan University of South Carolina. She acknowledged and accepted the call into the ministry in June 2004.

Mrs. Daniels and Bishop David R. Daniels, Jr., are the proud parents of three lovely ladies, Danica Rwysayma, Davida Renee and Iesha Mardea Daniels.


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